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Clear the Chakra System with Energy Balancing

Chakra diagram

Energy Body Balance clears and balances the Chakra system and energy field of the body. At the central core of our body spin 7 main wheel-like energy centers, called Chakras. This system is a series of 7 main centres located in the subtle body of our being within and around the body. Chakras have the ability to receive, assimilate, and transmit energy. The chakras are energy gateways that feed the body energy and provide an outlet for the release and dispersal of spent/blocked energy. Touch is very light, or off the body. A preliminary scan assesses where the energy is blocked, congested or depleted. Energy flow is balanced by clearing, reconnecting and filling the chakras and surrounding auric field. Therapeutic dialoguing can be an important part of the session, for examining sensations, inner visuals and emotions to facilitate release of tissue blockage. After the session, people often speak of feeling relaxed, much lighter and with increased self-awareness and improved outlook.

Benefits of Energy Body Balance:

  • Relief from pain, fatigue, stress

  • Increased vitality from increased energetic flow

  • Relaxation, sense of calm

  • Activation of your body’s natural healing system

  • Balance of Auric Field

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