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Alternative Treatments Offered

As a practitioner of holistic, whole body health, Ms. Shawn Verrier believes in the validity and power of alternative treatments. In addition to massage therapy and craniosacral therapy, you can experience these other healing modalities which are valuable tools to include in your experience of confidential healthcare:

Applied Tensegrity

Applied Tensegrity a very contemporary form of fascia release, is light touch and flowing movements which release built up pain in myofascial tissue to alleviate muscle pain both superficial and deep. The touch used is one that lifts the skin surface to initiate release in the web of fascia that connects throughout the body. It is a seemingly simple technique that brings about profound shift and release in underlying fascia tissue, which relieves pain and releases tightness that compromises flexibility and movement.

Somato Emotional Release

Somato Emotional Release (SER) is a therapeutic dialoguing process that is used in conjunction with hands-on therapy to release blockages and tissue memory in the body from past trauma. It is a process of inquiry and exploration into the body that focuses attention and awareness in a mindful way connecting you to your Body Wisdom.

Brain Wave Transformations


Brain Wave Transformations is a combination of extremely effective techniques to reframe mis-beliefs that hold old patterns which hinder change and keep one stuck. A combination of hypnotherapy, guided imagery meditation, time line therapy, past life regression and intuitive art are combined into a powerful tool to accelerate healing and change utilizing the body/mind connection.

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